Our Projects

Peacepace Initiative for Peace Advocacy and Developments (Peacepace Initiative) is based in Nigeria, and is promoting peaceful coexistence in Nigeria. Nevertheless, our weekly broadcast is accessible all over the world and we are glad to receive testimonies from individuals in and outside the Nigerian jurisdiction.

Some of our activities so far:

  • We have published over 190 short articles on peace on relevant local and global challenges.
  • We held “Project Young Narrators” (PYN) where we trained about 150 young Nigerian leaders selected from a pool of applications on leadership and peace building. The project held in three cohort consequentively (Southwest, Northwest, and Northeast Cohorts) in 2021.
  • We have held 5 annual 3-days Peace Conferences tagged “Pacemlug” (Peace pull). The last one was held between November 25-28, 2021 and it lasted four days unlike the previous ones. We had intercessory prayers for Nigeria in the formats of the two popular faiths in the nation – Christianity and Islamic religions with invited reliogious leaders leading us in separate rooms over Zoom.
  • We have organized 15 different sessions on peace discussions for youth participants across the nation,Nigeria. The sessions were handled by 11 resource persons who are doyens and professionals at what they do.
  • We release our weekly write ups on peace (which address interpersonal, family,work place,community, national and international challenges) to over 20,000 people through the social media platforms.
  • We organised “Yola Road Walk” tagged “Vote Without Fight” in 2019 – a peaceful election sensitization that reached about 3 million people in Northeastern Nigeria. It was done in partnership with some media houses, National Youth Service Corps, and Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), etc.


Some of the projects we are working on to execute  as soon as practicable:

1. Continuation of our special Peace Culture campaign/series among secondary school students to reach an additional 9,000 teenagers by 2024.

2.  Another exclusive programme(s) for the Landlords and tenants in our communities to reduce the rate of landlords tenants clashes which is now rampant.

3. Community-based dialogue training(s) for traditional leaders. 

4. The 6th edition of our annual Peace Conference tagged “Pacemlug”(Peace pull) coming up in 2022 .

5. Outreaches to orphanages and IDP camps, etc.