Big Congratulations to Our Leader on His 2020/2021 Mandela Washington Fellowship Win

We heartily congratulate our lead ambassador and founder, Amb. Tunde Ogunyale, for his well deserved selection as a 2021 finalist, Mandela Washington Fellowship amidst a very tight competition. The Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders is the flagship program of the U.S. Government’s Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI). The Fellows, between the ages of […]

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On Peace: Sanity Amidst Chaos

Amb. Mayokun Adebimpe Ed. 178/29.07.2021 With the ongoing chaos around us, it is easier for us to lose our inner peace. Unfortunately, all these happenings have tampered with our emotions, ultimately affecting our mental health. Yet, it seems we are now alone in this world without any hope or solution forthcoming. At a point in […]

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How Can Local Governments Affect Peace and Conflict?

How Can Local Governments Affect Peace and Conflict? Amb. Christiana Jolaoso Ed. 178/22.07.2021 Peace and conflict occur in numerous contexts, from the personal, family, school and communal levels to the intercontinental level. Conflict occurs when two or more individuals pursue contrary goals. The local government is the third tier of a presidential system of government. […]

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Invitation to Participate: Organizing Students for Peacebuilding

Hello Your Excellency, Invitation to Participate Peacepace Initiative is partnering with Re-Imagining New Communities (RNC), a social change organisation in Nairobi, Kenya, working on creating connections and collaborations across communities to jointly work on RNC’s July edition of Inspiring Conversations tagged “Effectively organizing students for peacebuilding; Case studies from Kenya, Canada, Nigeria, Gambia and Columbia”. […]

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On Peace: Piss Me, Peace You

Amb. Mokooreoluwa Kolawole Ed. 176/ 07.07.2021 He shouted at me, and he was ready to fight, looking at the way he shouted. This was the attitude of a man I met at a spot where I buy fried yam and fried potato. It happened that I went to buy fried yam and fried potato from […]

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On Peace:How Can Parenting Promote Peacebuilding

Amb. Christiana JolaosoEd.175/01.07.2021 While it’s not set in stone, children brought up in conflicts and violent conditions often become violent in their interactions with other members of society. On the other hand, those who’re used to thriving in a peaceful and loving environment are more likely to seek peace and harmony. Why’s that? There is […]

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