On Peace: Be at Peace with Yourself

Amb. Christiana JolaosoEd. 186 / 07.10.2021 When there’s peace within you, you’re able to thrive on, regardless of the situation around you or what life throws at you at any time. This intrapersonal kind of peace will help you relate with others in peace and harmony. Most people are agitated and acting violently because they […]

Something’s not right

Amb.Odunayo Ojebode Ed.185/17.09.2021 I was helping a colleague with school work sometime last week and while trying to send the outcome of the work to him, the internet network got bad along the way. I was using Google mail to send it to this colleague but while the network continued to act up, my eyes […]

You Are Invited

You Are Invited to this Part 2 of Inspiring Conversations Peacepace Initiative is partnering with Re-Imagining New Communities (RNC), a social change organisation in Nairobi, Kenya, working on creating connections and collaborations across communities to jointly work on RNC’s September edition of Inspiring Conversations tagged “Effectively organizing students for peacebuilding; Case studies from Kenya, Canada, […]

On Peace: The Exempting Law of Peace

Amb. Mayokun Adebimpe Ed. 184/09.09.2021 The exempting law of peace (though, this is more than one) is among common principles in science. There are various principles and laws guiding the earth and almost everything in it, though, some of these laws have exemptions where they are not applicable. The Newton’s 3rd law of motion in […]

On Peace: I Dreamt,My Dream

Amb. John Olatunji-Dada Ed. 183/ 01.09.2021 It was midday of my frequent site supervision, coming from a project site, heading to another. I decided to halt my long walk looking for a tricycle to convey me out of this sunny and dusty dry land. For minutes I was still stranded and got tired of waiting. […]

On Peace: Spirit of Sportmanship

Amb. Toheeb Olayiwola Ed. 182/25.08/2021 Growing up, during one of the daily morning assemblies in school, a teacher who was giving the day´s pep talk advised that we develop the spirit of ´sportmanship´. There and then, I could not fathom what he meant, though I participate in sporting activities for leisure but I had neither […]

Big Congratulations to Our Leader on His 2020/2021 Mandela Washington Fellowship Win

We heartily congratulate our lead ambassador and founder, Amb. Tunde Ogunyale, for his well deserved selection as a 2021 finalist, Mandela Washington Fellowship amidst a very tight competition. The Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders is the flagship program of the U.S. Government’s Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI). The Fellows, between the ages of […]

On Peace: Selfishness; A Setback to Development

Amb. Odunayo Ojebode Ed. 179/ 06.08.2021 Many are the ill-deeds in the Nigerian society; but many more are the self-inflicted punishments the populace directly or indirectly suffers. I don’t know if you have ever encountered people who claim the right of public properties as if it were for the individuals alone. Many of these claims […]

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