On Peace: Carted Away 2

Amb. Odunayo Ojebode 172/ 09.06.2021 Sometime in 2019, I wrote an article (‘Carted Away‘) on how some groups of people in Nigeria have been executing illegal rights on the minority. This is a follow up on the article. Nigeria as a geographical location keeps looking like a place that can’t be habited by the indigenes. […]

On Peace: Human Rights

On Peace: Human Rights Amb. Tolulope Abimbola Ed. 171/ 02.06.2021 Nigerians are currently living in a state of hopelessness. Many are resigned about life as they do not know their fate. There is the heightened fear of who is next to be kidnapped, who is next to be raped and killed, who is next to […]

On Peace: Family

Amb. John OLATUNJI Ed. 170/ 26.05.2021 In our act of building a peaceful Society and Nation, I decided to take a step back down to the lower unit of a Nation – FAMILY. Few heads make up a Family, after which society is formed and continued until a climax community is formed. Following this line […]

On Peace: The Viability of Nonviolence

Amb. Tunde OGUNYALE Ed. 168/12.05.2021 “Violence just hurts those who are already hurt… Instead of exposing the brutality of the oppressor, it justifies it.” Cesar Chavez Nigeria has, in recent times, like in the distant past, suffered some woes that have threatened the threshold of its democracy and its continuous existence as a nation. The […]

On Peace: Gaining a New Big Family

Amb. Mayokun Adebimpe Ed.167/ 05.05.2021 I’ve always loved a big family though this also comes with its disadvantages. However, it’s not that my family size is small (or maybe it is). In fact, I grew up having some of my cousins, uncles and aunts staying for some time. Some stayed as long as I could […]

On Peace: Inner Peace

Amb. Ayomide Ojo Ed.165/ 14.04.2021 “Peace can become a lens through which you see the world. Be it. Live it. Radiate it out. Peace is an inside job.” —Wayne Dyer. Everything that will have a lasting effect on a person starts from the inside, including peace. Peace is considered to be one of the essential […]

On Peace: What does peace mean to you (4)?

Amb. Mokooreoluwa Kolawole Ed.163/31.03.2021 “For Mercy has a human heart,Pity a human face,And Love, the human form divine,And Peace, the human dress.”William Blake: “The Divine Image” Songs of innocence. Peace has always been among humanity’s highest values for some, supreme. Consider the statement: “Peace at any price.” Yet, we scarcely agree on what peace is. […]

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