On Peace: Resolution; Grudge and Animosity are Inauspicious

Amb. John Olatunji-Dada

Ed. 194/28.01.2022

An engagement recently reveals that people in the community and neighbourhoods find it more pleasing to hold a grieve, grudge, vituperation and/or different manners of ill-will rather than revealing how hurt or oppressed they are, for a resolution. 

In every circumstance, these acts are more dangerous than it seems or may have seemed, this manner of grievance can cause longer-term disunity and/or tedious harm and danger to the parties involved. (This is however a call to peacebuilders and every individual to note this act in their community for proper address).

In some ways what tends to cause this hatred and grudge are most times not or maybe the usual oppression, physical conflict, disappointments, heartbreaks, failures and of course the success of Mr A becoming a pain to his neighbourhood(s) and to his friends – this particular instance has more votes in the cause of addressing this topic.

In this case, it is good to know that the success of a friend or community member(s) does not in any way prevents ours and absolutely it would indeed contribute to global growth which one way or the other stand as a benefit to us. If this will best address this issue, I will say it is duly right to celebrate the joy of others (with sincerity) having a positive thought and then you can say to yourself that Success is in the neighbourhood, you might be the next to be visited…

And if that is not the case then we should understand that misunderstanding and annoyance are possible with humans, it can be controlled but not completely evitable. Meanwhile, to escape conflict or violence, it is easier to resolve issues beforehand only when the parties involved are aware of them. Expressing our pains or feelings does not make us inferior, prey or effortless but because that is the best way to invite a good dialogue for a peaceful resolution and also on the right hand we have contributed to the global peace and harmony by doing so.  You are a champion.

In addition, for a resolution to occur; grudges and animosities are unfavourable.


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