On Peace: Find Yourself; Find Peace

Amb. Ayomide Ojo

Ed. 193/20.01.2022

I can hardly remember memories of peaceful days, when we loved genuinely, without having to mask our fears and wear illusionary smiles that did not spring from the depth of our hearts.

Oh, how quickly it faded, the joy a new life brought, only to be taken because Mama Chinedu couldn’t buy mosquito nets. Gone are the days when we slept with our two eyes closed without the fear of what might happen during the night. We lose our peaceful sleep because there is no peace in the city.  

Gone are those days when we lived comfortably and felt happy to be alive without the fear of what comes tomorrow. Now, we lose our peaceful lives because there is no peace in the city.

The memories of peaceful nights, when the sound of the nightcrawler signifies peace. The birth of a new life inspired hope. But now, “who hope epp”?  

Now, we live a life of fear and anxiety, and most people have forgotten what it truly means to have peace and live a good life. All we do now is barely survive and not live. 

Now, we’ve forgotten how to co-exist peacefully. We’ve forgotten how it feels to live in harmony and happiness because there is no peace in the city.

We can only live right when there is peace in the city. We can only sleep well when there is peace in the city. A city without peace will always be in pieces and if a city is in pieces, it will fail to progress. 

Look around you right now, do you see peace? Do you feel peaceful?

It is time for us to find peace and bring peace to the city.

How are we going to find peace? 

It starts with you and me striving to become our better selves each day. Be humane. Do the right thing and let peace flow.


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