Meet Peacepace Initiative 2021 Ambassador of the Year

Our Ambassador Barnabas Akinrinola, the head of our Editorial Unit, had an interview with our 2021 Ambassador of the Year award recipient as voted by our league of Ambassadors. Here is her response to each of the questions she was asked:

Our audience will like to know you. So, can we meet you?

I’m Christiana Jolaoso, a young Christian lawyer, writer, and development practitioner currently undergoing a master’s program in Peacebuilding and Development at the University of Ibadan. I’m keen on growth and development.

Each person needs an enabling environment — a peaceful and sustainable one, and directions to help them achieve their goals. That’s why I volunteer and consult for NGOs like Peacepace Initiative, REES Africa, and the World Kindness Movement that promote individual and global development.

Also, I work with organizations like Forbes, U.S News & World Report, and Best Reviews to help businesses and individuals make the best decisions suited to their unique needs.  

When did you join Peacepace Initiative?

I joined Peacepace Initiative as an intern in September 2020 in partial fulfillment of my Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) Program. I became a full member in October 2020.

What unit(s) are you in?

I’m currently in the Content Creation team but will be joining the Induction and Internship Unit once I complete an ongoing project later in January. 

What made you join the Initiative?

I have always been enthusiastic about peacebuilding and development, so I needed to join a local team that would expose me to like-minded youths with whom I’d learn a few things about peacebuilding and development and make an impact while I learned. Peacepace Initiative had what I needed, and it was accessible. 

Now that you’re an Ambassador in the Initiative, what do you have to say about her? How has your ride in Peacepace been so far?

Peacepace Initiative sure does its bit to promote peace, and it’s been wonderful being a member of the team and an ambassador of what it stands for. 

Also, I’ve met brilliant youths passionate about advocacy and engagements needed to promote peace, education, gender equality, and the likes. 

Ambassador of the Year is a huge award. Do you think you deserve it? What do you think were considered before choosing you? 

Well, I wouldn’t say I deserve it more than the other Ambassadors, but I think we considered my consistent commitment to playing my part to promote peace. 

As the Star Ambassador of the Initiative, if you were asked to share your thoughts on your view of peace, what would you say?

I’d say that peace is harmony, even in the face of different backgrounds or interests. Peace doesn’t jump at society, and everyone needs to play their part to achieve it. 

Playing your part can be as simple as communicating with the other party and finding a way to meet everyone’s needs to a reasonable extent. 

Peace. Prosperity (money, finance). Power. In what order would you arrange them and why?

Peace. Power. Prosperity. With peace, you’ll gain the power to prosper. 

Who are the great proponents of peace around the world that you respect, and why?

Archbishop Desmond Tutu of blessed memory. Because we didn’t just feel his impact on Anglicanism or Christendom. Right from where he was, his impact extended to the entire world through smart advocacy for human rights and equality that led to peace. 

Malala Yousafzai started advocating for children and women’s rights at a young age, and she does that without instigating violence. She knows the essence of education, policy-making, and economic power in achieving peace, equality, and development and brilliantly combines these. That’s why I respect her.

Thanks for your time.

Honourable mention for the award: Amb. Daniel Adeola.



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