Meet Peacepace Initiative 2021 Fan of the Year

Peacepace Initiative Fan of the Year Award recipient’s interview:

Our Ambassador Barnabas Akinrinola, the head of our Editorial Unit, had an interview with our 2021 Fan of the Year award recipient as selected solely by our Search Committee. Here is her response to each of the questions she was asked:

Can we meet you?

My name is Durojaye Sekinat Abisola. I’m an Animal Scientist with an M.Sc in Aquaculture and Fisheries Management in view. I love volunteering, watching movies, and reading novels.

When did you learn about Peacepace Initiative?

I think from the inception. Since the Initiative went public about 4/5 years ago.

How did you?

From the founder’s page. He is my orabeoni (brother), sunbaenim (Senior), and, most importantly, chingu (friend).

What important work has Peacepace Initiative done so far, that you can highlight?

•The weekly editorial. I learn a lot from it.
•The occasional sensitization of schools and communities (especially the schools). Catch them young you know.
•The lockdown coping strategy. I particularly love this. Many people needed this then.
•The virtual peace conference. I haven’t been able to attend one live but I saw the recording of the 2020 edition.

What do you think you did that made you win the award of Fan of the Year?

I think that’s maybe because I follow their posts and activities on social media more often than most.

Would you encourage other people to support the work that Peacepace Initiative does?

Definitely. Peace, please. We all need to learn it. And the sensitization the Initiative does is something we all need to be privy to.

What more do you wish that Peacepace Initiative can do in her peace efforts?

I know the Initiative has been doing a lot and I commend their efforts, but there’s always room for improvement. The most conflict-ridden part of the nation is the northern part, so I’ll suggest that the Initiative concentrate its efforts towards that part.

If you were asked how many peace NGOs you knew, how many would you be able to say?

Just this one.

Who are the Peacepace Initiative Ambassadors you admire and why?

Hmm.. I’ll say Ambassadors Tunde Ogunyale and Mokooreoluwa Kolawole because I personally know they are practicing what they are preaching.

How do you picture a world of peace?

A world where we can all be ourselves without threatening the existence of others or without the fear of threats.

As the human race, are we closer to peace today or things are just getting worse?

I don’t know what tomorrow holds and I also know from both experience and history that we’ve had better and worse days than today. So I don’t know how to answer that question with a yes or no or give a straight response. But I do know that we can do better as humans. We can tolerate and understand each other better than we do. We can be more peaceful or less conflicting than we presently are.

Honourable mentions for the award are Idiat Alli, Tolulope Oluyemi, Maryam Fulani, and Mohammed Lawal Mohammed.

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