On Peace: Do Not Be Angry

Amb. Ibrahim Khaleel

Sometimes, we become angry due to stress, and we may express it through panic attacks or by taking the rage out on our source of stress. The emotion of anger is more dangerous than all other emotions. When anger is at its peak, it can make you do inhumane acts which, at the end, are regrettable.

Now I would like to present examples from the traditions of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Once, a man came to the Prophet and asked, “O Prophet, give me a master advice which will enable me to manage all the affairs of my life.” The Prophet (PBUH) told him: “Don’t be angry.”

That is to say, stick to positive behavior in all situations. In fact, in normal conditions, man is governed by his own nature. And nature always takes the course of peace. When people are provoked, their nature is upset, and they are derailed into negativity. So, the Prophet advised people never to take a negative course of action, and to keep to peaceful and positive behavior in all situations, even in the face of provocation.

Don’t wish for confrontation with your fellow humans; instead, always ask for peace and tranquility. This means that even when we have a misunderstanding, it’s not allowed to take the course of confrontation. Rather, seek the way of dialogue and allow peace to rain. The Quran further states that If you deal with your enemy positively and return good for evil, he will become your closest friend (41:34). These references from the Quran and Sunnah make it clear that goodness is the greatest tool for peace to reign.

Why do we lay such a great emphasis on peace? Because all the good things which we want to see in human life can be brought about only in a peaceful environment. For instance, such constructive activities like spiritual uplift, character building, educational activity, and social welfare can be performed only in peaceful conditions. No peace, no progress; no peace, no development. Peace is not required for the sake of peace. It is required for the sake of a great purpose. It is because no daily activity can be carried out except in peaceful conditions. Due to this great importance, we should always want to maintain peace at all costs.

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