On Peace: Collective Responsibility

Amb. Abdussalam Abdullahi


The issue of peace-building in our society is a collective responsibility for all. Each member of the society must contribute his or her own quota to ensure that peace reigns in the society. The government alone cannot face and deal with security challenges and peace-making single handedly in our society. In boarding schools, an example of collective responsibility is how a class can be punished for the fault of one individual member when they all accept to cover the person. On the other hand too, they can be appraised or rewarded for the outstanding act of their member.

The above scenario is the same with the issue of peace-building, where the members of a particular society or community employ a hands-up approach in maintaining peace in their domain, leaving the government singlehandedly handling the circumstances. The repercussions will soon come back to haunt them.

Our society is made up of different Social institutions viz; political, family, economic and religious institutions and more. These institutions are interdependent and interconnected as they all work to ensure stability and continuity in our society. Where one institution fails to contribute positively, it will affect the entire system. Our institutions, specifically in Nigeria, need to be revived and strengthened, so that they can work together actively in maintaining stability and peace in our society. Each and every member of a society must have that mind of, “I have something to contribute in ensuring the maintenance of peace in my respective society.” If such is done, hopefully a lot of security challenges may be brought under control. It is the responsibility of all of us, not just the government!

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