Something’s not right

Amb.Odunayo Ojebode


I was helping a colleague with school work sometime last week and while trying to send the outcome of the work to him, the internet network got bad along the way. I was using Google mail to send it to this colleague but while the network continued to act up, my eyes caught a notification from the provider that “Something’s not right!” This caution message kept popping up each time I tried to send the mail. I also observed that each time I tried again despite the caution message, the cursor kept rolling which depicts an attempt to progress and give me a positive response. Immediately, I got a message which is the thrust of this write up.

Life in developing countries like Nigeria seems to leave us with no sense of hope. The situation keeps deteriorating by the day and everywhere remains unsafe. If you ask an average Nigerian on the streets what their plan for the future is like, you will be surprised from the response how far morality, national values and national interests have been lost. Everyone wants to make quick money without any meaningful work to show forth. Everyone wants to ride an SUV, have skyscrapers and properties in Abuja at all costs. The security of the populace is endangered while these wealth-seeking people keep infiltrating the society, schools and higher institutions with the aim of robbing them of life and peace.
Kidnapping has become the business of the day everywhere. You can hardly listen to the news for an hour without hearing of kidnapping, internet fraudsters and other vices. It is difficult not to have to meet people who have witnessed any of these ills in our society. The most rampant ones this day is kidnapping of people and their belongings: phones, laptops, purses among others on broad days right in the city. Those that survive the attempt have only their belongings been lost while they return to thank God. And when you interact with any of the victims, it usually looks like a drama because they are usually charmed.

Such scenarios happened to a neighbour. She was charmed while in a cab and then a huge amount of money was withdrawn from her account after which she was dumped in a strange location. She later received a call from the guys and demanded more money from her.
It is so unfortunate that as we have these sets of people at the local level denying us peace of mind and access to means of livelihood, as much as they are at the state and national level. There is hardly any state of Nigeria federation that does not have records of these cases.

The unanswered questions on my mind every time I see news of this type is: Where is safe in Nigeria? Without any reservations and philosophical lectures, it is crystal clear that “Something’s not right!” And it seems to me that just like that cursor keeps rolling in the midst of a hopeless network, we keep living as long as we still have peace in our mind and life. It looks like it has come to stay. We all know that “Something’s not right”, we will keep our shoulders high, hope alive and trust God for all we need. Continue to be optimistic despite all odds because the second option won’t help in any way. Keep doing the best to stay safe and alive in this uncertain society. Something’s not right but keep rolling and being alive. As long as it conerns you be sure to connect with your maker and do the right thing. If everyone makes that resolution,then we will soon see the desired change we hope to see around us.

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