On Peace: The Exempting Law of Peace

Amb. Mayokun Adebimpe

Ed. 184/09.09.2021

The exempting law of peace (though, this is more than one) is among common principles in science. There are various principles and laws guiding the earth and almost everything in it, though, some of these laws have exemptions where they are not applicable.

The Newton’s 3rd law of motion in Physics states that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. This is also referred to as the law of action and reaction. Scientists believe that when there is a pull of an amount, definitely there will be another force of equal amount countering (pushing) it.

Yes, this is applicable to an extent and limiting in other capacity. For example, when I am attacked verbally yet, I still speak amicably with the person; we can see the law coming to play. That is, doing the exact opposite of what was shown to me. This was the exact thing reported in one of “On Peace” July articles—Piss me, Peace you.

Then, is it right if someone shows me love and then I reciprocate it with hate? Obviously, NO. Hence, this is best regarded as the exempting law of peace. Whether they hate you or they love you, show them love. Don’t let their actions dictate your reactions negatively. We should all make it our daily mission to be at peace with oneself and the others.

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