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Ed. 170/ 26.05.2021

In our act of building a peaceful Society and Nation, I decided to take a step back down to the lower unit of a Nation – FAMILY. Few heads make up a Family, after which society is formed and continued until a climax community is formed.

Following this line of thought, I concluded that it would be easier to build a peaceful environment. If individual homes are built and kept in peace, and individual homes know about the positive impact of living in harmony and achieving it. When each home is on this peaceful track, indeed, they all will form a peaceful gathering or, if I might say, a peaceful Nation.

In the course of writing this article, I stretched to reach out to homes, seeking how peaceful they have been as a family and how they have been in harmony with others around others. I believe their sayings as well are words to lean on towards a peaceful Nation. Responses from my survey are shared below in no particular order;

“In my family, we all had a mindful attitude that living in peace means enduring pains, forgiveness, loving and accepting mistakes. Peace is all about Sacrificing something for someone in exchange of harmony.” – Ibroodollar (Artist)

” We are what we are, by the grace of God. We have lived as a peaceful family since the love we share with each other and beyond the family is sincere. It has been God all the way.” – Odebiyi Mary (Writer)

” My mum taught us how humans exist with Individual differences. To live peacefully with humans, we must admit and find ways to tolerate these differences, of course, natural. Going against these differences can lead to violence because their ways are quite different from ours.” – Akinade Samuel.

” My parents taught me the harm violence could cause. It has always remained in my DNA (Blood); how will a child formed from my genes and raised with my thoughts not have that same fear of violence. The kind of parents you are, reveals the kind of children you are building.” – Cab Driver.

In his words, the Cab Driver was not only talking about the present parents but also the potential ones. The children emulate lots from their parents and guidance. Let’s be the type that loves peace.

I acknowledge the thoughts of Mr. Akinade Samuel, just like the other respondents. Our individual differences have been a significant factor that aid violence or acts against peacemaking when other differences do not tolerate it.

Conclusively, while building a peaceful nation, our lives, homes, and families should hold a place in our hearts, too; they should be trained and kept peaceful.

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