On Peace: Inner Peace

Amb. Ayomide Ojo

Ed.165/ 14.04.2021

“Peace can become a lens through which you see the world. Be it. Live it. Radiate it out. Peace is an inside job.” —Wayne Dyer.

Everything that will have a lasting effect on a person starts from the inside, including peace. Peace is considered to be one of the essential things that all human beings long after. Peace can not be overemphasized in any human’s life and the country at large.

Considering the situation of my country Nigeria, people have little or no peace due to a lack of security in the country. But that can change when we, the citizens, have our inner peace starting from an individual.

Inner peace is the state of being psychological or spiritually calm even when everything is not going smooth. Inner peace has to do with an individual having peace of mind, clarity and hope. Only you can bring peace to yourself. When you are at peace with yourself, things will fall in place for you, and you will always experience joy.

Inner peace radiates to other people around us. There is a saying that you cannot give what you do not have. You need to have peace, to give peace. Peace comes from within you. We need to be peaceful individuals before becoming peaceful people. Hence, you need to have peace, believe it and work at it. So the question now is, why do you need that ‘inner peace”?

Why Inner Peace?

For Growth: Having inner peace helps you to grow in all ramifications of life. When you have peace of mind, it gives room for personal development. You will be courageous enough to face challenges instead of running from them. When you meet your problems and conquer them, you grow your inner strength; thus helping you thrive wherever you find yourself.

For Happiness: Tranquility brings about happiness. Both poor and rich want to be happy, and if there is no peace, happiness will be absent. Make sure you find your peace because there lies your happiness.

For Balance: Do you want to find balance in the storms of life? Then, you need inner peace. You need a calming spirit. Even when the world around you seems upside down, you will still be balanced. Having inner peace does not mean you would not experience ups and downs, but internal peace supplies the positive vibes you need. It makes you grounded and stable.

For Strength: Inner peace not only eliminates fears and worries but also gives you the inner strength you need. It grants you the ability to solve problems you thought you could not.

For Peaceful Co-existence: To live well and healthy, you need to live in harmony with the people around you. Inner peace radiates to others, which improves your relationship with them.

How Do You Develop Your Inner Peace?

Set limits. Do not overload yourself. Set boundaries to unnecessary things.

De-cluttering. It is essential for you to declutter your world and your mind. Simplify your mind for more clarity and your environment for space.

Find time to relax. You can engage in mental exercises like yoga, meditation and so on.

Do away with stressors.

Forgive people.

Develop positive thinking. Do away with negativity.

Face your fears.

It is time to look beyond what you see outside, look inside and change what needs to be changed. Inner peace makes you better; when you are peaceful by nature, your environment becomes better. When the environment becomes better, your nation, too, will be better. So, find your inner peace!

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