On Peace: Healing

Amb. Tunde OGUNYALE (©Marshar Poetry)
22.04.2020/ Ed. 140

Stanza 1
We drop our heads as a withered plant

Troubled and inconvenient like a bird hanging on a line;

Involuntarily restrained from marking our regular chores, in the open heaven

Seeking refuge behind bolted doors,

Impatiently awaiting the Passover.

Stanza 2
Our world is sick and under Corona siege,

We are restlessly searching for balm.

Till then, we belong to all but fellowship with none;

We know our people but trust none near us;

Proximity without contact now becomes the new found motto.

Stanza 3

We are the citizens of the world;

Of this we have never understood better than now

We aren’t doomed for this also shall pass

We are the inhabitants of this realm, uniting forces and shared passion

COVID-19 pandemic is sickening

But our joint faith and action is healing

The storm is thick and raging

But we can and shall weather the storm

And restore our withered plant.

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One thought on “On Peace: Healing

  1. To create room for peace building among the youths and how learn the basics skills on good leadership qualities among our ourselves in a given society as a whole.

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