On Peace: Gift of Men

On Peace: Gift of Men



It’s another Boxing Day, and it’s certainly not about boxing or fighting. If you must box anything, box a gift for someone. That, is the essence of Boxing Day.

Appreciation,recognition, and honour are values that must be our attitude as people. They do not only have the ability of sustaining good character, they also possess molding power; individuals who aren’t yet reformed can be influenced to turn a new leaf when they see responsible, selfless people are being celebrated. I believe in culture; making a good thing a constant practice. Giving is a good thing and we should cultivate a giving culture as individuals and as organizations. We should constantly appreciate the gift of men we have the honour of working with as appreciation strengthens relationship and ignites excellence.

In the spirit of recognition and celebration of quality people, Peacepace is introducing two annual awards this year- Peacepace Ambassador of the year and Peacepace Fan of the year awards- to celebrate the gift of men we are honoured to have. The award presentation date is Saturday, December 28,2019.

About Peacepace Ambassador of the year award:

This is exclusively for our registered ambassadors who are working and scaling our works in their communities across the six geopolitical zones in Nigeria. The deserving ambassador/ awardee will be be selected by the ambassadors themselves with the exclusion of the lead ambassador who is saddled with the responsibility of maintaining fairness. The ambassador with the highest number of nominations wins the award.

About Peacepace Fan of the year award:

We are using this means to appreciate the support we get from members of the general public who benefit from our works. A number of people encourage us with positive feedbacks and testimonies of how much our activities have impacted them. Some of them,though not ambassadors, volunteer and participate actively and meaningfully in our events. We set up a Search Committee consisting of few ambassadors for this award. The committee is to review our posts , tweets, and events of the year under consideration to see who is most deserving of the award among the members of the public. The awardee must be someone who consistently follow our events, give plausible feedbacks and comments on our posts, and or volunteer and participate actively for any of our projects/events. The decision of the Search Committee is final.

The award package:

  • A certificate of honour each
  • An interview with each awardee to be broadcasted across our social media platforms.
  • Three months data subscription each, once a month. Subscription will take place every first day of the month from January 1,2020.

*Each awardee’s birthday celebration via our Facebook page.

These awards have one purpose: to encourage both Peacepace ambassadors and the public to do more for humanity. We honour them and celebrate their commitment to a peaceful world.

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Be better.

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