On Peace: Hopeless Mind

Ed. 126

To build up a peaceful society, I believe the hopeless children out there should not be left behind. As a matter of fact, they should get a lot of attention.

I once knew a family of 3 children who had no promises of a better tomorrow. Why? Because their parents were financially incapacitated. Their mother had hearing and speaking disabilities. It was always a pity seeing those children playing around the environment at the time their mates were in school building up their future.

I then decided to increase my efforts by taking a vow to sponsor the education of the first child of this noble family till he obtained his SSCE with the hope that I’d be able to do more with time. I was certain that giving this helpless child good education would carve his mindset for a better future, and would make him useful to the society, helping in creating a peaceful society in the future.

I believe helpless children are mostly those who grow up and tend to cause nuisance and vandalism in our beautiful nation. When they are left with that hopeless mindset, when they are left unguided towards peace, when they are blind towards the benefits of a peaceful society, we all should help in guiding them.

So I beseech all peace advocates, future builders and many young capable youths to be of great help to these children. Just check around you, they are there. Your help might be through financial support, guidance and words of encouragement.

...Let them know peace is what we all deserve... 

Peacepace Initiative…towards peace.

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