On Peace: Locate Your Happiness

On Peace: Locate Your Happiness



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Happiness is a good medication to a burdened mind, and what generates happiness is , principally, a peaceful mind. Our nation is not generally peaceful, not yet, and nature keeps bringing to us unavoidable challenges. Once one is solved, another shows up.


A burdened or troubled mind causes a lot of disasters in the society. Many people have suffered and still suffering depression as a result of burdens they bear in their minds. Some lost all hope and committed suicide. It has led to transfer of aggression in some which started a major conflict. And some had to forcefully sacrifice their marriages because they couldn’t cope with the endless burdens that constantly steal their joy.


I may not be able to provide a permanent solution to take away our burdens but I know finding and focusing on what makes us happy can be a better option. Challenges are inevitable as long as we live but we can be very happy in spite of our numerous problems if we can locate our source of happiness and stick to it. We fail to ask ourselves that question “what makes me happy?” What makes you happy are those things you enjoy doing and when you do them you forget all worries and hope they never stop.


So, instead on focusing your attention on your challenges and engaging in endless lamentations that bring no solution, turn your attention to activities that make you happy and do more of that. When you create a sane and restful atmosphere for yourself, you might be able to figure out how to tackle your challenges.


Indeed, happiness comes from within and you have to exercise self -reflection and be determined to make yourself a happy man. Your happiness makes everything around you to glow. Your source of happiness is worth locating.


For Peacepace Initiative …. towards peace.

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