On Peace: Share your Burdens

  • On Peace: Share your Burdens


Amb. Olaoti OLAWOYIN





A while ago, a friend of mine raised a very germane question on her WhatsApp status. She wanted to know why a person would wake up annoyed. Like it’s just day break and a person is already angry? When I saw this I made a simple comment: It might be as a result of a lot of things they have been harbouring in their hearts. I believe it’s not an overnight thing. I mean nobody just go around acting irrationally, there has to be a reason.

The truth is a lot of people go about with a lot on their minds which they are not willing to tell someone. By the time it gets to a degree at which they can not take anymore or when they have pondered on the issues in their minds so much and it seems there is no way out, then they start taking it out on others. It becomes worse if the person they are taking it out on is also brooding over a matter.


There are so many reasons some people do not like sharing what they are going through. One that I know that is very common is the fear of the person they open up to telling another person, especially if it is something very personal. This can hurt so much but nevertheless it is good to find someone you can trust to share your troubles with, if not for anything, for the sake of peace of mind and sanity. As the saying goes, a problem shared is a problem half solved. Man was never created to exist or bear burdens alone. Man was created for relationship and interaction; to bear each others burden. If you don’t share your burdens with others there is no way they can help you and there is no way you will not start hurting others through your irrational behaviours.


So, say it out so others can help you out.

Speak up so others can help you up.

Share your burdens instead of bothering your peace of mind.


For Peacepace Initiative…towards peace.

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