On Peace: Voice

On Peace: Voice



Ed. 121

Stanza 1
Our world is not less a challenge
Battered and forsaken to our fate
Stricken with lack as if affluence takes a revenge
Poorly impoverished, a grave test to our faith
*Aseda! You are righteous but give us an edge
Our state has made our relevance so faint
We are the forgotten; the less privileged

Stanza 2
Fortune might not beam on us; we are not unfortunate
Good news might not tingle our ears; within us lies a better than good news
Like an untilled loamy soil, so we are
Like a rejected corner stone, so we are
Oh, if only the privileged would explore us
Then they would know we are bundle of fruits for nations

Stanza 3
To the privileged, cast us not from your thought
We pray you for alms and not for harms
Forsake the love of power but be consumed with the power of love
Then you would give freely with a sense of fulfilment

Stanza 4
A just world is possible; Where poverty and hardship would be eternally exiled
Yes! If all would think less of self and more of others.
This is the synchronized voice of the forgotten ones.

*Aseda: The Creator

For Peacepace Initiative… towards peace.

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