On Peace: What does peace mean to you?


On Peace: What does peace mean to you?





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“The meaning of peace is the absence of opposition to socialism”- Karl Max


We joined the rest of the world in celebrating International Day of Peace a few days ago which was Sunday, 22/09/2019. At our end, the celebration and reflection of that day is yet to be over. Like Peace Direct initiated, we are also concerned with what peace means to you and the rest of the world.


The concept of peace is a broad one and there are plethoras of meanings of peace as there are people on the earth. No one thought on peace is superior to every other thought or meaning. Many factors like experiences, aspirations, and imaginations are what shape individual’s understanding on what peace really means. To a people who have been in a recurring conflict just because of their misunderstanding, peace will mean understanding of one another. To a person who has consistently been betrayed by those who are closest to him, peace might mean trust. To others it might mean nonviolent conflict, love, resources, good governance, and fairness among others.


According to Karl Max and those other people who share similar mind with him, peace is about equal distribution of government controlled resources according to individual’s contribution without opposition from none. And you, what does peace mean to you?


I believe peace means assured security. We want to live in a society where we won’t be afraid of losing our heads just because someone or some persons are not happy with us for the littlest or biggest reason you may think about; a society of law and order where individual can go about their daily work as a free man without been on guards unnecessarily. Just like His Holiness, the Dalai Lama once opined, “it is not possible to find peace in the soul without security and harmony between the people”.


Another dimension of assured security therefore is for people in a society to understand one another irrespective of their unique differences. When people of different orientations understand one another and live in harmony growth is a guarantee in that society. Otherwise nothing positive would happen. No wonder the good book says “can two work together except they agree?” It’s impossible. Understanding is the basis of synergy. It is the driver of an effective interpersonal relationship.


Every man has a choice to make between two opposing options; you can either be a peace maker or be an agent of conflict. There is no middle ground. I urge you to be a peace maker. That’s what our world needs. That’s the source of happiness and value the whole world, including you, seeks.


For Peacepace Initiative…towards peace.


Graphic by: Amb. Olaoti OLAWOYIN.

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