On Peace: An Eye for an Eye, Who Leads The Way? 

On Peace: An Eye for an Eye, Who Leads The Way? 


Amb. Vincent ONUH


Ed. 117



Our skin defines us all

Niggas we were all addressed

By your oppressors

For your Dignity and Liberty sake,

Our fathers in oneness fought you out

From slavery right on your land

Sheltered your progenitor

common enemy of our continent, your Masters we labeled.

Your freedom we all celebrated in common

Fastened your recuperations from sores

Alas! Your memories has failed swiftly

Our brothers you treat with much disdain

Monopoly of which you possessed not all

The paths of thy fathers you have forsaken!

Behave worst than your Masters.

Our enemy you have made thyself known.

With same proportion, should we reprise?

For that’s all thy actions dared of us

All these years past and present

Reluctantly our king is undertaking

To break into halves the yam.

Strike back entreats our temper

But the King’s sirens are all over

To shield the trust/ estates of your fathers

Which your Queen has failed our brothers!


Would thy fathers be pleased?

Where lies the Madiba’s dreams?

Where lies the Madiba’s sweats?

Where lies his passion?

Where lies his Olive Branch inherited?

My brothers’ eyes you have plucked out!

Your eyes, I should also have!

For reprisals are not worthy.

An eye for an eye,

Shall render us blind.

For whom shall lead the way?

Mother Africa’s journey is still far

 Let the king and Queen sit.

Send the Dove with Olive branches

For on this journey of ours,

Let love lead.


For Peacepace Initiative… towards peace.


Graphic by Amb. Olaoti OLAWOYIN

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