On peace:peace without

On Peace: Peace Without

Amb. Mayokun ADEBIMPE
Ed. 114

Start filling your heart with love, let the hatred dissipate and start living.

Someone once asked me what peace is. While I was yet to answer the question, he further asked if it is achievable. He probably thought the concept of peace is but an impossible one judging from his demeanour when he asked those twin – questions. I may be wrong about him. How does one give a meaning to the subject of peace to end all meanings? That, I see as impossible. Thus, we can only have myriad of descriptions of peace as many as there are people in the world who have at one time or the other experienced it. Peace, for me, is harmony; it is when right emotions are in place. Whenever you feel relaxed and not agitated about anything it means you are experiencing peace within you.

One of the Nigerian proverbs says that “If someone offers to gift you a dress first steal a look at what he puts on” to know authenticity of his intention to help. This is proven to be important since no one can give what he doesn’t have. Even the holy book says it is from the abundance of the heart that the mouth speaks. Every “without” depends on a “within”. The reality we live in presently is as a result of what is inside of us. If hatred is within you, it will consume you and feed your surroundings.

Conversely, if love is within you, it will illuminate you and your surroundings. It can’t be hidden forever – no matter what you are made up inwardly, it can’t be kept for a long time before it manifests.

What I have noticed in my society so far is that a lot of people are already filled-up with hatred and rage. Things that mere words cannot extinguish, rather actions. Individuals are product of a family and that of a society. Whatever seed that has been sown in the person will definitely develop into a full-grown attitude someday. If words and acts of love have been sown, it will definitely grow into peace within and will be felt by the society. And if otherwise, the society will still have a bite unfortunately.
Yes, peace is achievable. Start filling your heart with love, let the hatred dissipate and start living.

Engage your mind with positivities and aim towards it. When your mind experiences peace it will show and your society will feel it.

Adebimpe Mayokun hails from Osun state. She is a graduate of Physiology from Bowen University, Iwo and University of Ibadan. Mayokun is a lover of serenity and pursues it. She has found teaching a natural course.

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