On Peace: Peace Dividend

On Peace: Peace Dividend
I hear the wailings of elderly men, the groaning of the youths, the cryings of the children, mixed up with the sound of gun and fire arms. They are all cries for vengeance, pain, revenge, hopelessness and defeats that have engulfed them in the face of violence and wars. On the other hand however, there are shouts of freedom, establishment of rights, and lot more.
Then I came across a dividend available to all members of this community on the surplus of its growth – it is a rising hope. This precious gain is at our disposal, to cover our pains, struggles and defeats if we accept it uncompromisingly. It is an allowance of peace – the very thing needed to heal our wounds and mend our broken relationships across all strata.
Trust is the confidence in or reliance on someone, that such individual can not raise an arm to harm someone. It’s a big deal, isn’t it?Getting other people’s trust starts with something as minute as being accomodating to all and sundry no matter the language, educational background, state of origin etc. It takes trust to relate your destination to a passenger or the driver of a cab, without a doubt that you will arrive safely at your destination without being robbed or kidnapped. This is good,but how do we achieve that in our community. Well, it starts with you and me. You and I need to set the pace by being trustworthy. Others would follow.
To have a community where there is peaceful coexistence, there is a need to make the needful investment and not just sit back, fold our hands and expect an interest of peace. No matter the bankrupt of conflict in our society, there will always accrue a dividend of peace no matter how little – either from our home or place of work or religious gatherings. Invest that little dividend of peace into your community and see how bountiful it would yields. It is a simple principle of sowing and reaping. Sow a seed of peace and reap a fruit of peace. Peacemaking starts from you. Exhaust its benefits wherever you find yourself – at the market square, work place, religious gathering and many others. Make effort to invest your own part of Peace Dividend which is Trust. It would come back to you some way.
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