Abdulrasaq Olatunde Ogunyale, widely addressed as Tunde Ogunyale, is a peace advocate, founder and the arrowhead of Peacepace Initiative. He read Law  from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria where he served meritoriously in many capacities both as a follower and a leader . The young champ is fascinated by literary works – he has bagged awards as a public speaker and as a poet. He loves God and His precepts. He was called to the Nigerian Bar as an advocate and solicitor of the Supreme Court of Nigeria in full view of the Body of Benchers, parents and other dignitaries in November 2018. He has also completed his trainings with the Institute of Charted Mediators and Conciliators (ICMC), Nigeria, and is now a certified Chartered Mediator and Conciliator. He is also a certified strategic manager having completed his strategic management course with the International Strategic Management Institute (ISMI). Tunde Ogunyale is a Generation Change Fellow, a prestigious, global young peacebuilders’ community of the United States Institute of Peace. 

While he was in his final year in 2016, he represented his alma mater, the University of Ibadan, at the 11th International Chamber of Commerce mediation competition in Paris, France where he had a privilege of meeting and relating with students and professionals on many fronts all over the world. He is interested in meeting new friends without losing the old ones. He directs the activities of Peacepace Initiative.

Born in the South Western Nigerian City of Saki, Zacheaus studied law from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. As a visionary leader and educator, he is filled with a great sense of responsibility and has served in various capacity-building platforms. As an undergraduate he was the Vice President of the International Law Students’ Association, Head, Disciplinary Committee of the Junior Chamber International, UI chapter among others. In honour and appreciation of his exemplary qualities, he has received many awards and accolades including best University Beneficiary, LAPO Scholarship Award. He is a fervid reader, researcher, and writer who uses words to preach the change he wishes to see in the world. In his final year in the University, Zacheaus represented his school at the 11 th ICC International Mediation Competition in Paris, France. He is currently an associate with The Law Crest LLP, a top law firm in Lagos, Nigeria.

Oyeyemi is a graduate of Law from the University of Abuja, FCT, Abuja, Nigeria. As a student, she participated in various peace seminars and projects under the aegis of UniAbuja Law Clinic and she has gained various legal skills such as legal research, client interviewing, ATPs interviews and minutes or record keeping as a secretary. She has also been trained on writing to ensure project sustainability. She interns with the Legal Aid Council, Oyo State Branch. She has learnt to take briefs and mediate for disputants.  Oyeyemi is a depth seeker and impact oriented person. She envisages a nation where the heart – cry of the voiceless is heard through Peace Advocacy of the Peacemakers. She also shares in the Peacepace vision of spreading Peace to the globe through every feasible means. She is currently studying at the Nigerian Law School.

She is an ultimate student of law in the University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria. Rosemary, an ardent scholar and a passionate student of law, is a proud ambassador of Peacepace Initiative and she is an advocate of peace. She enjoys serene relationships with people and loathes conflict. Her main objective as a Peacepace ambassador is to expose the ills of war and conflict and ensure peace and stability wherever she finds herself.

 She agrees that peace encourages relationships to blossom and aids the development of a nation, and that wherever there is peace, there would be growth. She sincerely finds peace attractive.

As a student of law, she has learnt the importance of peace as a tool which is used to uphold the law. As an active member of the Moot and Mock Society and the Alternative Dispute Resolution Society of her university, she has learnt that peace is truly needed over disputes. She says – “Peace is the basic foundation of good living. Simply put, peace is my motto”.

Born on the 17 June to the family of Sir/Lady Godfrey Onuh, Vincent hails from Benue State Nigeria from the Idoma extraction in Otukpa Ogbadibo Local Government Area. He holds a bachelor’s degree in law (Ll.b) from  Benue State University and has currently undergone his compulsory vocational training at the Nigerian Law School after which he was  called to the Nigerian Bar as an advocate and solicitor to the Supreme Court of Nigeria in November 2018. He has also completed training with the Institute of Charted Mediators and Conciliators (ICMC) and is now a certified member of the much respected professional body as an associate.

The young champ is a lover of poetry and arts works and he believes that peace is the key to achieve greatness in any society. To him, peace can be better achieved if and only if we can transmit the equality of treatment we desire to our fellow man devoid of colouration, tongues and apparels. Vincent enjoys music and plays volleyball and table tennis as his sports. He is a proud ambassador of Peacepace Initiative.

Haleem is a graduate student of Educational Management/Political Science at the University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria and has served his nation as a Corps member in Ogun State. He is passionate about the development of mankind, particularly through the tools of information, education, and entrepreneurship.

The young Nigerian is a lover of peace and an advocate of development in his own little space. Haleem aims to further his studies in the realm of Human Resource Management as he believes that man rules the world and if the world were to be a better place and more peaceful than it has ever been, man must be properly catered for.

He has held various leadership positions throughout his years on campus, and has also been honored with numerous awards, especially in the area of journalism. He was a one-time Editor-in-chief of the Union of Campus Journalists, University of Ibadan, a member of All Nigerian United Nations Students and Youths Association (ANUNSA) and The Literary and Debating Society (TLDS), University of Ibadan.

Haleem is a proud ambassador of Peacepace Initiative.

He loves meeting new friends while keeping a good relationship with the old ones.

Ife-Oluwa PurposeDan Fadele (PD) is an agricultural economist, a certified coach and counsellor that’s committed to helping people and organizations to achieve their desired goals by helping them become all that they were created to be. He believes everything is related and that relationship is key to human existence, function and success.

Ifeoluwa PurposeDan is committed to transforming individuals to responsible leaders as he is convinced that everything rises and falls on leadership and that the over 7billion of us living today are leaders in our respective spheres carved out for us by the creator.

He is an ardent believer of a life lived on purpose which is rooted in our relationship with who the creator(God) is, and that majority of the world’s problem is due to purposelessness that has eaten deep into the core of human existence.

Ifeoluwa PurposeDan is a die-hard fan and advocate of the Kingdom, in which he believes that is the creator’s plan for the restoration of the earth and is achievable if only we all we arise to live out the mandate of our individual existence.

Ifeoluwa PurposeDan is an emerging leader and agripreneur that believes in the potential and power of the agricultural sector/industry in driving economic growth and national development.

Ife-Oluwa PurposeDan is a peace ambassador that believes that peace is possible if only we are willing to pursue it. He believes that our differences are not just to be left aside but understood, as that bears the key to our unity. He believes that national peace is a product of personal peace manifested by individuals.

Ife-Oluwa speaks, consults and writes on relationship, leadership, agribusiness and related issues that promotes co-existence amidst the human race.

Ife-Oluwa is an intense Lover, aspiring husband and Father, and a proud Nigerian.

Folajimi, a graduate of the University of Ibadan from the Department of Geography. He is recently completed his mandatory NYSC service at Ogun state.

He is an entrepreneur and runs a graphics design outfit called Jhaisegrafix. He is passionate about using entrepreneurship to help NGOs in their surge in achieving developmental goals. One of his passions also lies in providing information and helping in solving challenges encountered in the society. Jimi enjoys meeting people and creating a relationship outside work and business.

Jimi is a member of All United Nations Students Association, Junior Chamber International while he was in the University. He is also a member of Students for Sustainable Drug Policy (SSDP). He has been able to play key roles in every one of this organizations most especially in the field of publicity and provision of publicity materials to carry out campaigns.

Jimi is a peaceful person and always seeking to maintain a peaceful coexistence whenever and wherever he can.

He is a proud ambassador of Peacepace Initiative.

Peters hails from Edo State, Nigeria and he is a graduate of Law from the prestigious University of Benin (Uniben). He is a young man with great ideas. The young champ is a writer and poet. He also has keen interest in spoken words. His pen boldly bears the name ‘Inspiration’. He recently rounded up his apprenticeship at the Nigerian Law School  and is now a lawyer. Peters has special liking for children and he always cherishes his moments with them while educating and caring for them.

Samuel is a Nigerian, born more than two decades ago in Saki – a town known for its riches in agricultural resources within the pace-setting state, Oyo State. At an early stage of his life, he developed an interest in Engineering and was driven to study Mechanical Engineering at the University of Ibadan (the premier university in Nigeria).

Having acquired fundamental theoretical and practical engineering skills, he graduated in 2016; with an inclination for systems design using CAD, CAM and other advanced manufacturing technologies. Moreover, due to the ongoing technological waves, he currently accumulates new and advanced knowledge in the field of Robotics. He is currently pursuing his Masters in the field of robotics engineering in Egypt.

Samuel is a learning machine, always love to feed his constant curiosity with the delighting meals of texts; however, when he is not consuming letters, other hobbies include: writing articles, travelling to new places, listening to inspiring songs, and teaching in his area of expertise. Above all, he loves to dwell in a climate of peace and can’t just help preaching the business of peace as it captures our humane desire. He is a passionate about peace advocacy and he is a proud ambassador of Peacepace.

He hails from Saki,Oyo State, Nigeria. He is currently an undergraduate student of Federal University of Technology, Akure (FUTA) studying Physics Electronics.

Stephen loves to serve God and humanity and this made him to join an international company whose primary aim is to empower people.He is a happy ambassador of Peacepace Initiative

He generally loves arts, creativity and listening to cool music.

A graduate of the University of Ibadan from the Department of Social and Environmental Forestry. He is passionate about nature and serene environment. He is a practicing Forester raising different tree seedlings aiming at a green environment.

He also loves to see to the revitalization of morals in the life of the teeming youths. He is a graphic designer with the name Yarfar concept. Odunayo enjoys meeting people’s needs as it concerns him. Odunayo is a member of Union Campus Journalist and Forest Resources Management Students Association while he was in the University. He was acting in the monitoring board and editorial team of the union. He is a peaceable and always looking forward to maintaining a peace environment as he is enabled. He is a happy ambassador of Peacepace Initiative.

Barnabas Akinrinola is a fifth-year student of the Faculty of Law, University of Ibadan, Ibadan. He is a Christian. He loves the arts– poetry, prose, photography, drama. He comperes. He is an award winning public speaker who aims to do better. Barnabas is a peacemaker and a passionate ambassador of Peacepace Initiative.

Ademola is a lawyer and consultant, a public speaker and the author of a government-recommended novella. He writes professional articles, projects, and speeches and he creates contents for individuals, firms, and organisations. He also does proof reading and editing. Ademola is a motivated individual with great interest in Law, Literature and Human conditions. He is currently working in the Commercial and Dispute Resolution department  of Aelex, a first-tier law firm in Nigeria as an associate. He is a proud ambassador of Peacepace Initiative.

Ọ̀rẹ́dọlá Ibrahim studied law at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. He is an entrepreneur, a writer, a translator, a cultural advocate, a tech enthusiast and a business strategist.

He is passionate about skill development, effective leadership, culture preservation and youth empowerment. As a graduate of Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (CEI), University of Ibadan, he has been involved as a team member in different startups like FinoFund (campus crowdfunding venture), Hue Nation (a branding outfit for SMEs) and UI Hult Prize team Ancora among a couple of others.

He is a fellow at both LEXY Business Fellowship (Sapele, 2015) and LYFE entrepreneurship bootcamp (Lagos, 2014).

His passion for youth empowerment and skill development led to founding SkillNG to address the problem of skill competency as one of the major causes of unemployment and unemployability through teaching of digital and vocational skills. SkillNG won $10,000 funding in the 2018 Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneurship Programme and made the list of 1,000 outstanding African-startups. Ọ̀rẹ́dọlá Ibrahim believes peace is only achievable when young people are empowered with sustainable livelihood.

Afiniki Clark (Halima Mallum) was born to the family of Clark and Esther, from Chibok Local Government Area of Borno State, Nigeria. Afiniki is a law graduate from the University of Maiduguri and she attended the Nigerian Law School, Kano Campus between 2017 and 2018.

The young lady was once a coordinator of The Junior Ministry EYN Headquaters, kwarhi. Afiniki loves reading and thinking big. She believes peace is achievable with mutual understanding. Presently, she is working as one of the child protection officers in EYN project on GBV.(Gender Base Violence). No doubt, Afiniki is a proud ambassador of Peacepace Initiative.

Atiku Zeenat Bala is from Birnin Kebbi, Kebbi state. She celebrates her birthday every 30th December. Zeenat attended Staff Nursery and Primary School, Birnin Kebbi for her primary education,and she proceeded to Federal Government College Kwali, Abuja, for her high school education. While in high school, she served as Utility Prefect.

Upon graduation from high school, she gained admission to study law at the prestigious Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto. Zeenat completed her bar programs in August, 2018 at the Nigerian Law School, Kano Campus where she served as the Vice President of the Students Representatives Council and she is now a lawyer. The young lady believes that peace is possible in the world if all we do the needful. Zeenat believes in the vision and mission of Peacepace Initiative and she is delighted to be its ambassador.

Ibrahim khamees Muhammad is a motivator, humanitarian, activist,public speaker, peace advocate, and founder/President Save The Future Generation (sickle cell awareness foundation). He was born and grew up in Kano city. A graduate from school of orthopedic technology, National Orthopedic Hospital Kano. He is currently working with Rasheed Shekoni Specialist Hospital, Dutse, Jigawa State.

He believes that everyone needs to realise and learn to change the negativities that we have within ourselves towards people who are religiously, culturally and ethnically different from us. Only then can peaceful co-existence be achieved.

Understanding this as human being will certainly bring peaceful and meaningful life worthy of living. The young champ believes in the vision and mission of Peacepace Initiative, and he is happy to be its ambassador.

OTUNLA, Oluwaseun Isaac was born and raised in Kishi, Irepo Local Government Area of Oyo state, Nigeria. He had his Secondary school education at Sharon Rose Schools and College, Saki. He graduated from Obafemi Awolowo University in the year 2016, with a Bachelor of science in Industrial Chemistry.

Oluwaseun is also an artist/illustrator/graphic designer, though he started with it as an hobby, but over time it has become a part of him which he keeps developing each day.

Oluwaseun is a quiet and knowledge loving individual, a scientist with a love for art.

His take on “peace”:
The world peace begins with the inner peace of an individual, “Peace doesn’t belong to the politicians, or the kings and queens, or the rich and powerful. And peace will not come from Syria, Afghanistan, Russia, United States, Israel or Palestine. True peace comes from within” – Mabel Katz.
Peace is not achieved over night, rather it is a gradual process that begins right inside the heart of an individual.

Oluwaseun is a peace lover and a proud ambassador of Peacepace Initiative, Nigeria.

OLAWOYIN, Olaoti Victoria is a graduate of the Department of Communication and Language Arts, University of Ibadan. Olaoti, an indigene of Oyo State was born on July 11.

She is skilled in Graphic Designing and loves teamwork.
While she was in her final year in 2017, she was a member of the Publicity team for the very first Communication Summit organised by Association of Communication and Language Arts Students, University of Ibadan. The Summit attracted top practitioners in the Advertising, Broadcasting and Marketing Industry. Along with other team members, she put to effective use her graphic design skill in publicising the Summit to the University of Ibadan Community. She was eventually appreciated with the award for the “Most Supportive Finalist” by the executive body of the department.

As a Communication student, she has learnt that misunderstandings/conflicts happen often times due to misinterpretation of a message (verbal or non-verbal) communicated by a speaker to a receiver. Therefore, she recognises the importance of active listening in conflict resolution and she believes that this – active listening – can also be a major tool in achieving peace in our relationship with other people in the community.

She also believes that a peaceful community or society can be raised out of our various peaceful homes. She believes how we relate with people in the community is a reflection of whatever culture we have imbibed from our different homes. Hence, if we can all strive to adopt a “peaceful culture” in our homes and raise our children rightly, then we will soon succeed in building a peaceful community.
She recently completed the mandatory National Youth Service Corps programme in Kano State and currently works at Meeblynx Enterprise, Kano.

She is selfless and likes serving others with her gifts. The young mild lady is a proud ambassador of Peacepace Initiative.

Jonathan Oluwafemi Abioye is a Nigerian who hails from a Southwestern state, Oyo State but has had the privilege to live all his life in the home of peace and tourism perched in the middle belt region of the country, Plateau State. Therein he had his education from elementary school to secondary and finally graduating as an architect from the prestigeous University of Jos, Jos, Plateau state.

Besides being a trained architect, he has on the side a flair for writing and has over time, with practice and devotion become quite proficient at it.

He is also passionate about music and has developed the skill of singing and instrumentation over time. And as a hobby to pass time, he enjoys reading novels and keeping abreast with current happenings.
Knowing the value of education, he is passionate about mentorship and tutelage and so aspires to lecture when the time comes, knowing that education is a great tool for enlightenment and peace, as it emancipates people from the darkness of ignorance.

He hopes to also develop his career to the fullest heights possible, and publish books someday.


Adebimpe Mayokun hails from Osun state. She is a graduate of Physiology from Bowen University, Iwo and University of Ibadan, Ibadan. Mayokun is a lover of serenity and pursues it. She has found teaching a natural course.

Mayokun is an experienced/certified children Evangelist and takes delight in mentoring teenagers. She has a listening ear and a captivating smile. She is a blogger and teens influencer. She has volunteered in many local medical outreaches. And of course, she is delighted to be a Peacepace Initiative ambassador.

She has experience working in hospital setting where she has been able to work with different medical practitioners. She is a small group facilitator who is always willing to learn and also relates well with people with no bias.

Kolawole Mokooreoluwa Theophilus is from Saki in the Southwestern Nigeria and born into the family of Mr & Mrs R.O Kolawole on 23rd of February. He attended Sharon Rose Schools and College and he is Currently an undergraduate student at the prestigious University of Ibadan, Nigeria’s premier university, studying Agricultural and Environmental Engineering.

Mokooreoluwa is a Christian, a lover of inspirational music, a lover of volleyball and table tennis. He aspires to own a business in the Agriculture world in a bid to redefine agriculture as a whole. He believes peace is a daily, weekly, monthly process, gradually changing opinions, slowly eroding old barriers, quietly building new structures- John F Kennedy.

Jesugbemi is from Fiditi in Oyo State and he was born on December 16. The young chap is an ultimate student of Mathematics at the University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria. He is a person that really loves to influence people, and that has made him to be serving as a tutor to his departmental branch of the National Association of Mathematics students Society of Nigeria (NAMSSN).

Jesugbemi believes that “sacrifice” and “price” are necessary requirements to a great height. He believes that success does not just happen miraculously. A person that really wants to make impact must be ready to be diligent and give whatever it takes to achieve it. He has made up his mind to interact with people irrespective of ethnic, status, or religion differences etc.
Jesugbemi really loves people and never wish them to make major mistakes but only wish they work in a purposeful direction that leads to ultimate victory and peace.

Okeke Matthias Ugochukwu attended St. Paul’s Seminary Ukpor, Anambra State at secondary school level after which he proceeded to the prestigious University of Ibadan (U.I) where he studied Law. Today, he is a Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Nigeria and he is an. associate at A.O ODUM & CO, a law firm at Asaba, Delta State.

He is single and a devout Christian. Matthias believes that peace is not merely the absence of evil or war, but presence of harmony, love and integration.

Hence, he wants the world to know that there cannot be any atom of progress if peace is not achieved. He loves being a Peacepace ambassador.

Esther Soladoye is from Ibadan, the capital of Oyo State. The young lady was born on the 3rd of April.
She is a graduate of University of Ibadan where she read Biomedical Laboratory Science (Chemical Pathology).
Esther is a happy ambassador of Peacepace Initiative, Nigeria, and looks forward to adding positive impacts to her world through the organization.

Abdulrahman, Soliu Adigun, born on February 12, is an indegene of Oyo town in Oyo State, Southwest Nigeria. Soliu is a prolific writer and outstanding poet. His work has been recognized and appreciated by persons from different countries. As a man of dream that he is and as a writer and a poet, he identified some problems of this world and vowed to make some changes as his contributions to a better world he wants to see.
He loves to make friends and associate with the people with clean heart and great mind.
He is passionate and has affection for the young ones. He is a comrade that truly believes pen is mightier than sword. He is a proud ambassador of Peacepace Initiative.

Bromabo Frimenjibo is a native of Bille Community in Degema Local Government Area of Rivers State, Nigeria.

Had his primary education at Faith Nursery/Primary School; secondary education at Total Victory College and Community Secondary School, Bille where he obtained my SSCE; and university education at the University of Port Harcourt where he obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Anatomy. He currently work as a sonologist at ZEL DARA DIAGNOSTICS & LABORATORY.

His desire to make life a better place has always been his driving force to engage in rendering selfless service to mankind. Creating an enabling environment for peaceful coexistence should be key.

He is proud to be a Peacepace ambassador, making change in the communities.

Amenaghawon Ehimwema Gracious was born and raised in Benin, Edo state of Nigeria. She was born on June 6. She studied History and International Studies at the prestigious University of Benin, Edo state Nigeria.

Gracious is a visionary leader and educator filled with a great sense of responsibility. She has had the opportunity of serving in various capacity – building platforms whereby she has been able to lead people to achieving a great feat as a team player. She is also passionate about the development of mankind through information, education and entrepreneurship.

She is a noble ambassador of Peacepace Initiative which she joins to foster peace and peaceful co-existence in her immediate environment and to be a part of the great vision of the organization.

Gracious Amenaghawon, a lover of art works, a baker, an aspiring chef and a quintessential negotiator believes that lot can be done in the process of restoring peace in our nation Nigeria with her skills.

An indigene of Oyo State, Afijio L.G.A in particular, John is famously called “Comrade O.J” by colleagues and political members.

He spent his entire childhood in the northern area of Nigeria and in Kano state to be precise where his educational pursuit started till he obtained his SSCE result.

After this, he enrolled in an apprentice programme and within 2-3years of apprenticeship he was crowned as a ‘Certified Engineer in Interior Decorations’ and a ‘General Building Contractor.’

He is the C.E.O of Figment Patterns and Interior Designs. Likewise, he is an Asst. OAP of a program titled “ORO IMISI ” on 92.9FM, Ibadan. He is an executive member of Pioneers Foundation (PF) and CCYF, and a member of SKC Youth Forum, a non-governmental organisation.

His love for peace and unity within his surrounding was realised after numerous experiences of racism and the crises in the northern part of Nigeria.

He believes peace is good and desires that for his country. He calls on everybody to live in peace.

Deborah Ogehenekevwe Adegbaju is a Legal Practitioner and a creative personality. She has been in the creative industry as a photographer for a while and has acted in both volunteering and professional capacities as a photographer. She was a volunteer photographer for Oyo-Ajumose Business Leadership and Entrepreneurship Development (OYO-ABLE). She has worked with various brands as a professional photographer such as Minimee, Nairabox, UIwrites, and Savvy Magazine, just to mention a few. Her skills in photography as earned her an award as the best Photographer of the year, Ivory Honors.

Deborah got her LL.B from the University of Ibadan and her B.L from the Nigerian Law School. As a creative person who believes in continuous learning, Deborah has always had keen interest in Intellectual Property Law; she has enrolled in various distance learning programs on Intellectual Property Law. She currently has two certificates on Intellectual Property Law from World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).
Deborah has a strong believe in service to humanity and a better society, and as such has volunteered in various organizations and also attended many leadership programmes such as Rise network: Rise leadership Summit and Standard Mandate International: Leadership Summit for Secondary School Prefect. She joined various volunteering organizations such as Storyline Media and TISA which later became known as Generation X. Her contributory attitude has earned her different awards such as;
Most Supportive Law Student, Law Student Society, University of Ibadan 2016
Most Supportive Queen, Queen Elizabeth II Hall, University of Ibadan 2016
Most Supportive Queen, Queen Elizabeth II Hall, University of Ibadan 2015.

She believes in possibility of peace and is an ambassador at Peacepace Initiative, volunteering actively in the media and publicity unit, and she currently works as an associate at S.S Akinyele & Co. law office, Lagos .

Profile of Mohammed Sumaila

Mohammed Sumaila, born on the 31st March, hails from Adavi Local Government area of Kogi state,North Central Nigeria from the Ebera speaking tribe. He studied Business Administration and Management from Kogi state polytechnic, Lokoja. He also studied Strategic Management at International Strategic Management Institute (ISMI), and studied education at Federal College of Education Yola, Adamawa State.

He has attended several seminars in various fields and he is currently working with International Strategic Management Institute as state coordinator, Adamawa state. I am into human capacity building and development, and career mentorship. I train youth on entrepreneurship. I’m also a motivational speaker and a strategist who currently runs a strategy consulting firm in Yola.

I have a great passion in helping and guiding the younger generations in choosing their career paths correctly.

I am a noble ambassador at Peacepace Initiative and my passion for peace, development, and youth leadership made me join the organization where I know I can work effectively with other youth leaders across the nation.

Ayodamola Esther Omole was born and bred in Ibadan, Oyo state, Nigeria. She had her primary school education at Shepherd International School, Agbowo,Ibadan, and then proceeded to Lydia Foundation Nursery and primary school, Ashi, Ibadan. She had her junior and secondary school education at Mt Olivet Grammar School, Bodija and Wesley College of Science, Elekuro, Ibadan, respectively.

The young lady is a graduate in Agronomy from University of Ibadan. She currently works as a freelance writer and a content writer at Community Assistance and Relief Foundation in Lokoja,Kogi state where she is serving the nation under the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) scheme.
She has handled leadership positions in the past and she is committed to community development. She believes in peaceful coexistence amongst members of the community. She is a proud ambassador of Peacepace Initiative.

Timileyin Oluwasola is from Saki in Southwestern Nigeria and born into the family of Dn. and Mrs Oluwasola on 11th April. SouthwesternSharon Rose Schools and College and he is currently an undergraduate student at the prestigious Madonna University, studying Pharmacy.

He is a Christian, a lover of good music, and a lover of basketball and football. He aspires to be a significant part in the pharmaceutical industry world so as to help more people.

He strongly believes in this quote: “It isn’t enough to talk about peace. One must believe in it. And it isn’t enough to believe in it. One must work at it.”—Eleanor Roosevelt. Thus, he desires to play a significant role in peace building starting from his local community. And he is happy to join Peacepace Initiative as an ambassador for this purpose.

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