On Peace: Share your Burdens

On Peace: Share your Burdens   Amb. Olaoti OLAWOYIN   23/10/2019 Ed.122   A while ago, a friend of mine raised a very germane question on her WhatsApp status. She wanted to know why a person would wake up annoyed. Like it’s just day break and a person is already angry? When I saw this […]

We concluded our “Peace Culture” series in Adamawa State two days ago. We were able to educate over 3,000 students across five schools within 3 months (July -October) on the subject matter, “Peace Culture”. We had nice sessions with the students as well as their teachers on how why peace is needed in their society […]

On Peace: Voice

On Peace: Voice Amb. Tunde OGUNYALE 09/10/2019 Ed. 121 Stanza 1 Our world is not less a challenge Battered and forsaken to our fate Stricken with lack as if affluence takes a revenge Poorly impoverished, a grave test to our faith *Aseda! You are righteous but give us an edge Our state has made our […]

On Peace: My Nigeria

On Peace: My Nigeria Amb. Tunde OGUNYALE 02/10/2019 Ed. 120 Yesterday marked the 59th Independence Day anniversary of our dear nation Nigeria and we joined millions of other noble citizens to celebrate it in our own way at Peacepace. What’s the celebration all about? It’s not a testament of our prosperity as a nation and […]

On Peace: Peace; Beautiful And Divine

On Peace: Peace; Beautiful And Divine Amb. Odunayo OJEBODE Ed. 118 18.09.2019 We are in the days in which the television screen, pages of the newspapers and voices that emerge from our radio stations afford us nothing but evil and terrible information. Many retirees have heard news of unpaid gratuities and pensions and as a […]

On Peace: An Eye for an Eye, Who Leads The Way? 

On Peace: An Eye for an Eye, Who Leads The Way?    Amb. Vincent ONUH   Ed. 117 11.09.2019   Our skin defines us all Niggas we were all addressed By your oppressors For your Dignity and Liberty sake, Our fathers in oneness fought you out From slavery right on your land Sheltered your progenitor […]

On Peace: Shadow

On Peace: Shadow Amb. Tunde OGUNYALE Ed. 116 Formless Visible yet remains invincible, Free like the wind, impossible to imprison. Like shadow, the world refuses to be caught. Just when we possess its latest invention Its soon becomes archaic and less valued to sway and redirect our desire. Argh, we seem to follow helplessly […]

On Peace: The Starfish

On Peace: The Starfish Amb. Tunde OGUNYALE Ed.115 21.08.2018 I first learnt about the inspiring story of the starfish from Victoria Ibiwoye, the Director of OneAfrianChild, when she facilitated one of our 2019 Pacemlug conference sessions. The beautiful story was originally told by Loren Eiseley, and I will retell the story with the hope that […]

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