On Peace: An Eye for an Eye, Who Leads The Way? 

On Peace: An Eye for an Eye, Who Leads The Way?    Amb. Vincent ONUH   Ed. 117 11.09.2019   Our skin defines us all Niggas we were all addressed By your oppressors For your Dignity and Liberty sake, Our fathers in oneness fought you out From slavery right on your land Sheltered your progenitor […]

On Peace: Shadow

On Peace: Shadow Amb. Tunde OGUNYALE Ed. 116 Formless Visible yet remains invincible, Free like the wind, impossible to imprison. Like shadow, the world refuses to be caught. Just when we possess its latest invention Its soon becomes archaic and less valued to sway and redirect our desire. Argh, we seem to follow helplessly […]

On Peace: The Starfish

On Peace: The Starfish Amb. Tunde OGUNYALE Ed.115 21.08.2018 I first learnt about the inspiring story of the starfish from Victoria Ibiwoye, the Director of OneAfrianChild, when she facilitated one of our 2019 Pacemlug conference sessions. The beautiful story was originally told by Loren Eiseley, and I will retell the story with the hope that […]

Pictures from Peacepace organized YALIServe event in Yola (2)

A while ago, Peacepace organized a 2019 YALIServe event in Jimeta – Yola in  honour of  Nelson Mandela, an erstwhile President of South Africa, in conjunction under the aegis of National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), Adamawa State. The events which took place in two schools – Yelwa Primary and Secondary Schools – were aimed to […]

On peace:peace without

On Peace: Peace Without Amb. Mayokun ADEBIMPE 14.08.2019 Ed. 114 Start filling your heart with love, let the hatred dissipate and start living. Someone once asked me what peace is. While I was yet to answer the question, he further asked if it is achievable. He probably thought the concept of peace is but an […]

On Peace: National Accord

  Amb. Odunayo OJEBODE   Ed.113   Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding _Albert Einstein   Understanding is paramount to ensure peace in Nigeria. Conferences and colloquia held by stakeholders with an aim to forestall peace and peaceful coexistence in my nation have yielded little or no results. […]

On Peace: Sun Shall Shine

Amb. Tunde OGUNYALE Ed. 112 “Even failure is weak in the face of persistence.” You are not an indolent person who folds his hands yet is hoping for a bright future, or who opens his palms up to the sky in continuous prayers to his God to bless the work of his hand without any […]


This is a YALIServes event organised by Peacepace Initiative in honour of Nelson Mandela under the aegis of NYSC, Adamawa State Chapter. It’s a community development service targeted at enlightening students from four secondary schools and a primary school on peace culture. Majority of these students are teenagers and they are in their formative years. […]

On Peace: Rememory

Amb. Jonathan ABIOYE 10.07.2019 / Ed. 111 “The storm tore through our paradise, devouring everything in its path, living us wasted, with ruins and wounds to tend and nurse” I love the performing arts even though my extremely self – conscious older version of me may deny it. I feel weird when I act, I […]

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