On Peace: Love Power

Amb. Niki CLARK 12.02.2020 /Ed.132 The image of a dove with an olive branch signifies peace to most people in the world. But I see beyond that when I gaze upon that image. Millions of people across the globe desire peace: we all desire peace. Something in that big mass of flesh and blood vessels […]

Peacepace Radio Interview

We shall be a visitor on Oro Imisi programme at R2 Radio station,92.9FM,Jericho, Ibadan this Sunday. We shall be having the honour of being interviewed live on our work on peace in Nigeria. There, we are going to be having an opportunity to further educate the audience on peace, tolerance, understanding, mutual respect, and dialogue […]

On Peace: Fallen Compatriots

On Peace: Fallen Compatriots Amb. Tunde OGUNYALE Ed.129 15.01.2020 When the alarum was sounded we called upon the compatriots to rise Gripped with fear, checked by terror; our air was soon polluted by grenades of varying grades Armed with faith in the nation,believing in one Nigeria, our soldiers faced the fire for our friends and […]

On Peace: Peace without Love

Amb. Mayokun ADEBIMPE 18.12.2019 Ed.127 Peace and unity are five-lettered words which are sweet to the ears and good to live in. However, this five-lettered word–Peace can not be achievable without the four-lettered word, “LOVE”. Love brings us together irrespective of our differences. There are numerous religions in the world with about 4,200 religions documented. […]

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