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You are invited! Get Up And Go Colombia will be taking Nigerians on a virtual tour of Colombia come Monday,19 October, 2020 by 6pm just like Peacepace Initiative did for the registered Latin Americans some weeks ago during the first phase of this exchange. Registration is straightforward. Registration link:

On Peace: End Police Brutality

Brutality or any form of inhumanity must not thrive further in our clime. No, it mustn’t. We need our peace. With the disbandment of fSARS, though not without lost of lives, we hope the Nigeria Police Force will be reformed holistically and every form of its brutality stopped. Click the link here for notable facts […]

On Peace: Love above All

On Peace: Love above All Amb. Mayokun Adebimpe Ed. 148/ 02.09.2020 Love is a potent solution to many challenges we face today. But to think that you are being loved by everybody is delusional. It’s trite that you can’t be loved by all—this is the root of World’s problems. Hatred has spread like poison in […]

On Peace: Rememory (II)

On Peace: Rememory (2) Amb. Jonathan AbioyeEd.147/28.08.2020 Time is forever ticking by.Do you remember those colourful goals and ambitions, those new year resolutions and promises you made to improve yourself? How is everything going on? Or has the euphoria and ginger passed along with the trills of the new year? This year has been one […]

On Peace: Me-Tooism

Amb. John OLATUNJI-DADA Ed. 146/19.08.2020 I work with many other young peacebuilders in tackling the causes of misunderstanding/differences that are threatening peace in our society. Looking at the African Union’ s theme of the year, “Silencing the Guns: CreatingConducive Conditions For Africa’s Development” , Peacepace Initiative organized the fourth edition of Pacemlug, an annual peace […]

On Peace: Mindsets and Mentalities

Amb. Tolulope ABIMBOLA Ed.145/06.08.2020 Mentality according to the Merriam Webster dictionary means a mode or way of thought while mindset means a fixed state of mind. On peace, we want to foster collaboration, community growth and development, and peaceful coexistence amongst people and nations. However, I am becoming increasingly aware of deep-seated mindsets and mentalities […]

On Peace: Innovation

Amb. Tolulope ABIMBOLA Ed. 144. 22.07.2020 We all are on the search for peace, inner-peace, outer peace. Religious institutions preach peace, governments preach peace, organizations preach peace. However, while we should continue this we also need to start being proactive about ending the processes that drive unrest, and reap the benefits peace brings to our […]

Against Her Will is Against The Law

Amb. Tunde OGUNYALE Ed.143/09.07.2020 Rape has always been a monstrous act against the will of the victims. The rate at which the criminal offence is reported in recent times is far more worrisome as we continue to witness a hike in the incidence across the world, particularly in Africa. I recently read in the news […]

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