On Peace: Mindsets and Mentalities

Amb. Tolulope ABIMBOLA Ed.145/06.08.2020 Mentality according to the Merriam Webster dictionary means a mode or way of thought while mindset means a fixed state of mind. On peace, we want to foster collaboration, community growth and development, and peaceful coexistence amongst people and nations. However, I am becoming increasingly aware of deep-seated mindsets and mentalities […]

On Peace: Innovation

Amb. Tolulope ABIMBOLA Ed. 144. 22.07.2020 We all are on the search for peace, inner-peace, outer peace. Religious institutions preach peace, governments preach peace, organizations preach peace. However, while we should continue this we also need to start being proactive about ending the processes that drive unrest, and reap the benefits peace brings to our […]

Against Her Will is Against The Law

Amb. Tunde OGUNYALE Ed.143/09.07.2020 Rape has always been a monstrous act against the will of the victims. The rate at which the criminal offence is reported in recent times is far more worrisome as we continue to witness a hike in the incidence across the world, particularly in Africa. I recently read in the news […]

On Peace: T.H.U.G. L.I.F.E.

The movie, The Hate You Give (2018) remains one of the most profound movies I have seen in my life. It’s a compelling story of black people, of crime and of cops who place no premium on the lives of black people. At the end of the day, black lives also matter and racism is a wicked mentality that always comes back to mess things up.

Call for Application: Project Young Narrators

Application Instructions: Welcome… Peacepace Initiative, with the support of United States Institute of Peace (USIP), is organizing an exclusive, intensive two-day training on peacebuilding and leadership for young Nigerian leaders/youth in three selected geopolitical zones. The selected training locations are Southwest (Ibadan, Oyo State), Northwest (Kano, kano State), and Northeast (Yola, Adamawa state). Nigeria is […]

On Peace: Healing

Amb. Tunde OGUNYALE (©Marshar Poetry) 22.04.2020/ Ed. 140 Stanza 1 We drop our heads as a withered plant Troubled and inconvenient like a bird hanging on a line; Involuntarily restrained from marking our regular chores, in the open heaven Seeking refuge behind bolted doors, Impatiently awaiting the Passover. Stanza 2 Our world is sick and […]

On Peace: Kindness to me (2)

On Peace: Kindness to me (2) Amb. Olaoti OLAWOYIN 18.03.2020/ Ed.137 One of the assumptions of kindness is that kindness is only about being generous materially. A lot of people assume that it is until one gives something tangible (especially money) to someone that one is being kind. This is one of the reasons kindness […]

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