On Peace: Fallen Compatriots

On Peace: Fallen Compatriots



When the alarum was sounded we called upon the compatriots to rise

Gripped with fear, checked by terror; our air was soon polluted by grenades of varying grades

Armed with faith in the nation,believing in one Nigeria, our soldiers faced the fire for our friends and families

They said it’s civil war but it was never civilised

Our compatriots made piles: battered and lied breathless on top of one another in heaps.

We remember them and their ultimate sacrifice!

Some conscripted and marched in gallantly to the world wars to keep peace

Some enlisted to various peace keeping force operations in defence of our continent

Some armed to ward off the terrors that incessantly malign our territorial integrity

Many went, fought hard and harder, but never returned

Many went,fought hard and harder, but returned with body without breath

Many went, fought hard and harder, and returned with breath without body

These men, we honour and their valiant memories, we remember.

They were the watchmen that never slept, defending the nation.

We honour our fallen heroes; the shields that guarded the realm of men

Many heroes are still alive, we cherish them; the protectors of the nation

Peace is costly but war is costlier even.

Avoidable wars should be avoided without hesitation; a golden principle for true leaders

Peace and security is our joint business, every action has it consequence: a concern for all who live.

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