On Peace: Investments

On Peace: Investments


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We must have discovered by now that year 2020 is just another year where, everyday, the sun rises and falls as we experience changes in weather like the previous years. We were all excited to cross over to the new year simply because, I believe, it’s offers a new beginning and an opportunity for improved performance. The year doesn’t get us better at anything just because it’s new. What makes the difference is what we bring into it. 2020 is a faithful beggar; it’s begging for your vision,time, resources, energy, thoughtfulness, and action, and whatever you offer you will reap in due time.

If you were hoping that you will have less or no emotional disturbances in this year, then you must be ready to free your mind, learn to forgive, stop unnecessary beef and envy, and engage in some contemplative practice if possible. If you want a restored peaceful relationship between your warring community and the next, then you might have to take up the challenge of being a peace broker and mediator. Should you desire to have a good working interpersonal relationship with colleagues at work or some neighbours in your environment, you must rise to build it; break the silence by taking the first step of initiating conversation. Initiating conversation puts you in charge and shows your maturity as a person.

We must be ready to invest to reap whatever thing we desire to see come up in 2020. Peace is expensive but war is much more expensive. We surely don’t want to see the resultant effects of war – it is better locked in our deep imagination. Let’s be agents of peace at all times. We can be more compassionate
We should strive to make our community, nation, and the world a better place. Everyone is a stakeholder. Do your bit and the world will be a better place.

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Be better.

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  1. This is another wonderful piece. Thanks to Peacepace team for working tirelessly in enlightening the society on the need for peaceful coexistence. Thank you Sirs and Mas.

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