On Peace: Shadow

On Peace: Shadow


Ed. 116

Visible yet remains invincible,
Free like the wind, impossible to imprison.
Like shadow, the world refuses to be caught.
Just when we possess its latest invention
Its soon becomes archaic and less valued to sway and redirect our desire.
Argh, we seem to follow helplessly untamed.
We are consumed:
By unfiltered desires to have all the glitters;
By untamed promptitude to prioritise our wants above needs;
By the unbroken hunger to appear beyond our reality,
And even lay our hands on things abominable to promote this self deception.
To facilitate our troubles, we run after shadow
To disrupt our peace we aim aimless at nothingness.
We are consumed.
We aspire for greatness but perspire over everything against it
What we have is no longer desirable and what they possess is our new goal.
And devoid of reasoning, we pedal hard into frustration just to belong.
When we thought we have it we realise a better one and the chase becomes endless.
Now we know contentment is not yet our friend.

Peacepace Initiative …toward peace.

Picture illustration by: Amb. ‘Seun OTUNLA.

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