On Peace: Sun Shall Shine


Ed. 112

“Even failure is weak in the face of persistence.”

You are not an indolent person who folds his hands yet is hoping for a bright future, or who opens his palms up to the sky in continuous prayers to his God to bless the work of his hand without any work at hand. No, you are not. Nevertheless, it seems all your efforts to succeed have consistently been hitting a rock. You seem to have lost count of your many trials which are closely tailed with some awful responses of incapability. And due to these inexplicable, displeasing results, you are gradually losing your mind or feeling very agitated.

This state of unhappiness becomes more pronounced when you see some persons you think are not as good as you are succeeding almost at every trial. Thus, instead of celebrating their victories, you are busy mourning your supposed wasted chances; a futile exercise that can change nothing other than deepening your wounds.

Irrespective of your unlucky story, learn to celebrate the successes of others. If not for anything, rejoice with them because their successes worth being celebrated and because you also desire same. There is a silent natural rule that whoever celebrates others will in turn be celebrated someday. No matter how long, success will one day be yours to claim, as long as there is consistency from your end. Even failure is weak in the face of persistence and it can’t withstand it.

Never ever give up on life. Remain committed to your endeavours and keep doing the needful with hope and a touch of excellence. Soon, your sun shall shine. And it will bring so much relief to your heart. Perhaps, you shouldn’t consider your past efforts which didn’t produce expected results as failure. You have learned a better way of doing the same thing. And, as Malcom Forbes said, failure is success if we learn from it.

When you face discouragement, what do you really see? Until you begin to see discouragement and failure as stepping stones to success, as posited by Dale Carnegie, you may lose all the strengths necessary to pursue your dreams. Keep working hard, keep doing everything you do with a touch of excellence because your sun shall soon shine.

For Peacepace Initiative… towards peace.

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