By Kehinde OLATIDOYE (Participant, Pacemlug 3.0)

Ed. 108

Every human should live in tranquility:
Such a life that abbhors no iota of conundrum
Every creature should desire serene abode or place:
Where no scintilla of bitterness ever exists,
A home like heaven that’s cool and calm like morning dew.

Man should seek such living with his fellow beings in unity
Alas, disparing wants make his way apart
Separates him like crossedroads
Oh, insatiable wants or greed of him
Hath broken his covenant with his brother.

Haughtiness raises his shoulder
And he grows to become popinjay
His quest to explore his environment
And to better his life makes him an egocentric
Or such self-centered who seeks all for himself.

He passes judgement as though he is a saint
All is because there is presence of absence of peace
Man thinks of himself and cares not about others
True peace is not selfish, it cares for all
True peace does not monger evil, it sings good tidings.

True peace is never judgemental, but empathetic
True peace never backbites, it tells all in sincerity.
True peace dresses in the garment of emotional intelligence
True peace does not dress in tattered flag of hatred
Peace is ever ready to smile even when evil stretches its talons.

Peace is tolerant of others’ misdemeanors
Peace is a gentle being even gentlier than dove
Peace is when you know and desire others to
Peace is when you eat and desire others to
Peace is when you have and desire others to.

Peace brings unity and unity births growth
Without peace, there is no unity and without unity, no growth
With peace in the house, children grow to be useful in the society
With peace in the society, people grow to be useful in the world
With peace in the world, we live to fulfil the purpose of our existence.

For Peacepace Initiative…


Olatidoye Kehinde Jelil was one of the participants of Peacepace’s recently concluded conference tagged “Pacemlug” and he wrote the above beautiful poem during the conference. We love the poem and are glad to share it with you.


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