Pacemlug (Peace pull)

Pacemlug 3.0; Be Our Guest.

Pacemlug (Peace pull) is Peacepace Initiative’s annual peace conference and this edition is the third. Here is what we have in store for you as we invite you to join us in this virtual conference between 9 – 11 June, 2019:

Day 1:

Topic: Emotional Intelligence; a necessary tool for promoting peace.

*Participants would have thorough and well – informed understanding about the need for Emotional Intelligence (EI), ways to develop it, how it helps an individual, and its prospects in building and strengthening interpersonal relationship.

Facilitator: Mathew ‘Femi – Adedoyin

Matthew ‘Femi-Adedoyin is the Founder and Director of Resurged Mind Company, a Family life, Coaching/Therapy and Sex/Addiction Recovery organization. He is also a certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and a trainer of Neurocognitive consonance.

Day 2:
Topic: Self-empowerment; a catalyst for peace

*Participants would be more educated and enlightened on the importance and value of self – empowerment, how to go about it ,and how it contributes to national peace and promotes interpersonal relationship.

Facilitator: Ibrahim Oredola

Ibrahim Oredola is the Founder and CEO of SkillNG, a Tony Elumelu Foundation supported enterprise. SkillNG has a mandate to train thousands of Nigerian youths to be entrepreneurs; acquiring a skill or two.

Day 3:
Topic: Quality Education; a tool for achieving whole peace in Nigeria.

*Participants would be better informed and enlightened on how quality education can birth lasting and much needed peace in Nigeria, and how quality education can strengthen interpersonal and communal relationships.

Facilitator: Victoria Ibiwoye

Victoria Ibiwoye is the Founder/Director of OneAfricanChild Foundation and the United Nation’s Youth representative for the SDG 4- Quality Education.

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